Yoga is not only about holding postures. Although postures are equally important, the cleansing of our bodies is a significant part of a successful yogic practice. In modern Yoga, these practices are either unknown or simply overlooked or even disposed of as old and obsolete. Nonetheless, the Shat Karmas, the yogic cleansing exercises, are an important part of serious practice and hold many benefits for the practitioner. Most of these benefits can only be experienced because words can never deliver how someone feels after practicing these magnificent techniques. Some things can be said though. The Shat Karmas have the power to heal diseases and will activate certain parts of the Nadi-System. The Nadis are the yogic understanding of the human nervous system. We are not only talking about the physical nerves here but mainly about the subtle network of streams of energy, that make up our whole being - mentally, emotionally, physically and astrally. Cleansing the physical body will also impact our other bodies significantly, and this is what will only be revealed to the practitioner and cannot be really understood by mere theory. In the following videos, I will give a short introduction talk to the shat karmas and you can see a demonstration of the first three of these cleansing exercises.

Introduction Talk to the Shat Karmas

Exercise 1: Kunjala - Cleansing of the stomach


Exercise 2: Jala & Sutra Neti - Cleansing of the respiratory tract

Exercise 3: Nauli Kriya - Massaging of the inner organs