Welcome. On this Website, you will learn about the ancient system of Kundalini Yoga as it has been taught in India for thousands of years. What if there would be a way to keep your body healthy, your mind sharp and your emotions balanced and what if I told you that the exercises are easy to do and accessible for everyone? Many people think that Yoga is only for the flexible, that Yoga is strenuous and only for the fit - that is simply not true. Yoga is meant to be for everyone. When the Rishis left the Himalayas to bring Yoga to the people, they have been sharing a system that was designed in a way that everyone could practice it and regain and maintain their balance and health through these practices. Even more, the practice of Kundalini Yoga promises to the Sadhaka, the practitioner, to reach the desired goal of self-realization.

Yoga is really the manual to human life and can be considered as the science of the human being. Through the practice of Yoga, we will gain an intuitive understanding of how we work on all planes - physically, mentally, emotionally and beyond. Yoga is a complete science, giving us powerful tools and accurate knowledge about ourselves and about the world around us. By the practice of Yoga, a very strong process of transformation will take place and change us from the inside out. Although I mentioned that the practices are meant to be for everyone - not everyone is ready for it, because you will have to let go of the old you and embrace the unknown, bringing dedication, commitment and willingness to leave your comfort zone and try something new. I create this website for the ones ready for a change. May this become a source for everyone genuinely seeking. Also, may this website be a source of true information, preserving the ways of the old Yoga. Modern Yoga has been modified from the old teachings which often results in injuries, imbalances, madness or the desired effects are not manifesting. May this website help those genuinely seeking to build up a practice that truly benefits them.