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Paths of Self-Discovery
Bhujangini is a female cobra and symbolizes Kundalini - the life energy that flows through us all. If our body is strong and healthy, i.e. free of impurities, the life energy begins to flow more and more strongly and fills us with a feeling of bliss and wellbeing. Yoga teaches us that by working on the physical body we can also influence the mental and emotional levels. Through certain exercises from traditional yoga we can bring ourselves back into balance and gradually increase our energy level. Under the guidance of an experienced Guru, the Kundalini can be awakened and brought to the ascent. Once the Kundalini is awakened, the practitioner will lead you to the hoped-for goal of Self-realization.  
 Kundalini Yoga Parampara is helping us...
 ... on the path of self-realization.
 ... to stay fit & healthy until old age.
 ... to keep a calm mindset in stressful situations.
 ... to raise our energy level. 
 ... to regain and maintain a balanced body, mind and soul. 
On the path of self-realization there is one person in our path - ourselves. Traumas buried and suppressed in the subconscious prevent us from living out our full potential. Limiting behavioral and thought patterns keep us trapped and prevent us from realizing our full potential. Through certain dynamic meditations from the teachings of Tantra Yoga it is possible for us to quickly bring the causes of our problems to light. We get a chance to dissolve them once and for all in the light of consciousness. 
 Dynamic Meditations are helping us...
 ... to recognize and dissolve what is holding us back.
 ... to live up to our full potential.
 ... get rid of limiting beliefs, unhealthy behaviours and contraproductive thought-patterns.
Thanks to my work as a musician and music teacher, I know about the power of sound. Especially singing is a powerful key to breaking through emotional blockades and to "sing yourself free" in the truest sense of the word. This form of work is in no way inferior to the methods of Kundalini and Tantra Yoga. I am always surprised by the power of free singing and have witnessed many overwhelming heart and throat chakra openings. 
 Free singing is helping us...
 ... to break through emotional blockages.
 ...to open the heart- and throatchakra.
 ... vibrate our whole being.
Dance is one of the most beautiful forms of expression and works wonders on all levels. It is not for nothing that Shiva is considered the god of dance in Indian mythology. In ecstatic dancing we leave the guidance to our body and reach state of deep self-awareness. In the flow of free movement we get to know ourselves from a new side and begin to celebrate life again.
 Ecstatic dancing is helping us...
 ... to let go.
 ... to reconnect with our body.
 ... to get back into the flow.
 ... to shake of everyday life and celebrate existence.
online video course
 With the online video course you can learn Kundalini Yoga Parampara from the comfort of your home.
The course contains:
 Yogic Suskhma Vyayama - Subtle Yogic Exercises for preparing the body for the higher practices
 Yogic Sthula Vyayama - A short whole body flow for when you got less time for practice 
 Bhujangini Deepening Practice Video - A deepening practice session
 Shat Karmas - The first three cleansing techniques of Yoga: Kunjala, Sutra&Jala Neti and Nauli Kriya.

 Follow the link to get the whole course for only 9.99€. I would be happy if you consider to leave a review!

Weekly Classes
Dates for weekly classes in May:

Where Burgweg 7, 6840 Götzis, Austria
When 6 PM
Duration 90 Minutes
Contribution 15€ or Donation

Please don´t eat two hours before class!!

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+43660 26 73 509
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Shat Karmas
Shat Karmas, yogic cleansing exercises, are building the strong foundation needed for a succesfull yogic practice. 

On arrangement

Where Burgweg 7, 6840 Götzis, Austria
Contribution 10€ or Donation

More Infos and SignUp here:
+43660 26 73 509
thomas@blissofbhujangini.com oder www.facebook.com/kundaliniparampara
Breath. Become. Be.                           A Summit Sadhana Self-Discovery Retreat
6 Days of rediscovering and connecting to yourself through daily Sadhana in the beautiful Zen Mountain Retreat Center in Crestone, Colorado.    Discover powerful and inspiring practices from the paths of Kundalini, Tantra, Hatha, Yin, Yoga Nidra, sound bath, movement meditation, journaling, and art therapy and dive deeper into self-recognition.

Lacy Archer, a 500 HRS certified Yoga Instructor, and I will offer this retreat from September 17th to 22nd.

Where? Crestone, Colorado, USA
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You can also contact us via E-Mail for more information:
+43 660 2673509
Burgweg 7
6841 Götzis